BatB 73 – Dan’s SOP App Live Demo, marketing to kids, failed tree experiments

The Boss and the Brewer
The Boss and the Brewer
BatB 73 - Dan's SOP App Live Demo, marketing to kids, failed tree experiments
  1. Dansion update 
  2. Scooter update
  3. Agent GPT –
  4. Jessop Demo 
  5. RIP Rattenhund 440ml – now available in 355mL
  6. ABAC claims up – – full report – Billsons appeal to children, Hard Fizz breaches again, “The Company did not remove the marketing material and the complaint was referred to the Queensland Liquor Authority.”
  7. Top 50 US brewery companies –

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 Whoa. Very good.

How does this work? Why does it happen every time? Um, well, I’ve got the old Logitech Brio and it’s got a little app that goes with it that I can adjust the exposure, uh, and that sort of thing. I’m about to go and buy a mirrorless camera as a webcam, so I get all the bk fucking background and shit. What does that mean?

Blurred BK means blurred in Japanese. That’s what that camera does. Yeah. If you get like a camera with a really low F lens, it bends the light more and therefore what is you, you stay in focus and everything behind, um, becomes, um, blurred and that sort of thing, like all professional and shit. Okay. I need to get one of those thousand dollars camera.

Oh. Oh. Fuck that. I’m not getting one of those. Yeah, but you’re on the fucking Yeah, because you don’t have anything to blur in the background, mate. You’re sitting on the casting couch. So, yeah, I’ve got the ca, I’ve got the casting couch. I want you to see my, I want you to see my stuff. Have you got a beer?

I do, actually. I’m gonna stick with the fucking classics tonight. Okay. I have this got the old Pop Nation rep. Oh, wow. I put that on the, yeah, the, the, I didn’t think you had one of those. There you go. Oh, what, what do you mean? Did you do something? Yeah, that’s a, that’s a topic. Oh, is it? Yeah. Oh, sick. Yeah.

I’ll, there you go. Good. You must, you must know that, um, was that, was that just a, oh, I just, I just thought he, um, oh, okay. Yeah, I can see that there. Oh, well. Okay. There you go. I’m drinking a ratin one. It’s in the four 40 mill, and it’s apparently a traditional pilsner, but I think it’s becoming a, what are they?

Um, uh, not traditional pills. And I saw it on the bloody internet today. Well, we can talk about that when it comes up in the ticket. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s do it. What you got? I’ve got a beer here. Cause after the last week’s episode, um, and you suggested that you’re gonna go into BWS and get a, um, free Byron Bay Fruity Beer with every purchase.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Did you um, Aaron went into BWS and bought something and got this for free. They’ve just given that shit away. Hey, that Empire Fruity Beer and everything. It’s a, it’s technically a sponsored beer. This has been going on for months now. They’ve been given that stuff away. Have you had the orange making?

It’s phenomenal. Yeah, I have. It’s not too bad. I’ve nearly got this. I’ve nearly got this glass thing sorted out. Look at that. Look at that glass. Oh, that’s so close. Wait, lemme screenshot that. So close. Show us the stoner wood logo. Oh no, we don’t want that, David, because it’s not a stoner wood beer in there.

No, no. That would be sacrilegious, but that’s not too bad. It’s not too bad. I’ll get there. That’s good. Do you know, you know what’s happened? How, how I’m getting to my glasses are becoming cleaner. That smell good? No, um, you’re wiping them? No, Adam Shell, what do you do? You didn’t ask which one. Oh, sorry, which one?

Which, which Adam Shell, the other one. Oh, I see. I feel like we know which one now. Cause we’ve only really got one. Like there are still two I know. And the other one’s just got back from, well, the, the one, not the other one. Yeah. Has just gotten back from Japan. So I was watering his plants while he was away.

And how does that relate to the glass improvement? Oh, well, we were just, aie and I were just having a beer and. He gave me some tips on how to clean glasses. Okay. And he said, get yourself a dish wand and some tan dish washing liquid from Aldi. Okay. A dish wand. So yeah, the, you know, the wand that’s got, you fill it up with the detergent and you do that and you know, it’s like, it’s got a scour on that on the end and you can just shove it all the way down the glass.

Yeah. A dedicated beer glass one though, right? You don’t use well, yeah. Well the thing is, I went to bloody alley, but, and got tan obviously, because that’s what they do, but there was no Dish ones there. So this was actually cleaned with like, just a clean chucks and, um, rinse with hot water. And I’m nearly there.

I’m nearly there. Etsy, you’d be very proud. I have a, I have a separate thing that doesn’t have detergent in it, but it’s just a, you know, like a long glass, clean of, you know, brush. Is it, is it for glasses or do you use it for other stuff? I don’t use it for anything else. I only use it for, for glasses.

Right. Yeah. And I mean, look at this. Look at the head on this. That looks sensational. The results. I’m getting a photo of that. Hang on. Wait. Lemme get this in the photo. Get a photo. Hang on. Hang on. Hang. Oh my God. Okay. Let’s have a look here. Oh, wait, I can only see myself. Hang on a second. Oh no. Got a pin.

Okay, go. Oh, you look amazing. Oh, good. Um, so shout out to all the people that messaged me after last week’s episode with Concreting advice. That was, that was super useful. Oh, good. Yeah. Really useful to know how to concrete something after I’ve already done it and moved on to the next job. Mm-hmm.

Apparently you can, I, apparently I could have just dug a hole where the post was, build the hole up with water, and then just poured the rabbit set in there and you’re fucking done. You don’t even need to mix it. No. That’s courtesy of Matt from Facebook. Thanks for that advice. Really? Yeah. So they, that was ing advice.

That was Ting advice. My ing advice was terrible. Well, it was educational. I learned something because Yeah. I, I at least remember that it was concrete that he suggested not cement. Not cement. Did you go fix it? Fuck, no. I moved onto the next thing. You know what I did today, right? So Right when I, when I got this house going right, I, I was tossing up about what trees I should put out the front.

And I really wanted something like, my house is like, it’s like a Minecraft house. It’s real brutal from the front. Yep. Wood and concrete, like, um, and I wanted something to soen that. So I’ve found this tree called a pink trumpet tree, whereas living in Varsity Lakes, you saw them everywhere. You see them everywhere.

They’re like a, they’re not like a especially fancy tree. If you see a tree with like pink leaves, it’s probably one of those. Yes. Um, and have my heart set on this. So like, for like six months, every time I saw one, I’m like, oh, there’s a pink trumpet tree. Like, it was a big thing. So anyway, when I got the house, I finally bought one, went out to the nursery of Mount Tambourine.

I bought an established one. It cost me like, I can’t remember how much, maybe a thousand bucks, maybe more, I don’t even know. Was like an establish tree? Yes. Got delivered and it’s like, it was 150 liter, um, pot. So it’s, it’s big. It’s like, it’s like the size of a, a barrel, basically a half a barrel. Mm-hmm.

Um, so I got delivered in the, in the plastic pot thing, dug a hole, chucked it in there. Mm-hmm. And then realized that you can’t put in there with the plastic on cuz it’s so heavy. You can’t get the fucking plastic on. By the way, I didn’t read instructions. Okay. I just bit of a pa, bit of a theme going on here and there.

I’ll, I’ll get to. So I put it in there and then when it was in, when it was in there, I realized, fuck, I need to cut the plastic off. So I’ve got my arm under there trying to cut the plastic off. Finally got it in there. The roots are going everywhere. Dirt’s going everywhere. It’s a complete disaster. I put it in, it’s not straight, and I’m like, fuck it.

That’ll do, because it’ll probably straighten up. I don’t know how trees work. Anyway, I’ve been staring at it every day for like six months. Okay. At one point I was like, I’ve gotta straighten this fucking tree because it’s ridiculous. It goes like that leaning tower side and push it around. Tried to straighten it.

That didn’t help. So the tree was it again? Pink trumpet tree. They’re really pink. Trumpet tree. If you, if you’ve ever been to Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast, they’ve got like really full established ones. They’re huge. They look like they’re looking up what it looks like. Pink trumpet tree. Here we go. A tab Taboo Rose.

That’s it. That’s the one. Oh yeah, they look sick. Well, mine didn’t look like that. This one, the one I see on the internet leaning. Oh, okay. Leaning. That could be my one. Does it have any leaves or, or, uh, flowers on it. Pink flowers. Pink flowers mate. And a cop car under it. Oh, it could be mine.

Alright. So anyway, anyway, so I had this tree, the leaves started dying. I, I put in, in the Facebook group about landscaping. I’m like, what did I do about this tree? Didn’t get anything useful. Eventually I’m like, fuck this tree. I don’t like it. It’s leaning. The leaves are dying. It’s not working. So I ordered cuz I was always tossing up between that and Fran pan tree because Fran like Fran trees, I remember from when I was a kid.

They’re everywhere around here. They’re pretty, they smell and they grow fast and they’re pretty hardy fast. They, you can replant them and they’re put in your ear when you put one in your ear and all, all those sort of things. I like doing that. Yeah. And when I knocked this house down, I had two amazing grand pan.

That got destroyed when the house got knocked down, which I was really bummed about. I wanted to move one of them, but it’s too hard. And anyway, so I’m like, fuck it, I’m gonna replace this tree with a fringe APA tree and I’m not gonna make the same mistake. So I ordered the fringe APA tree, and today the guy’s like, it’s coming.

Um, you might need a couple of guys to lift it cuz this is a 200 liter one, which is even bigger. Yes. So it’s probably like a 300 liter barrel, like half of that. Right. Um, so this thing, this thing was fucking huge. And it’s a two, it’s a two and a half meter tree. How do you lift this by yourself? Well, I’ll get to that.

So she rung me up and she said, all, all right. Um, get some neighbors around cause you need like four or five people to lift this thing. Okay. Like this, this, I can’t do that. I’m just here. I’m here by myself. There’s no one, no one’s gonna help me with it. So this guy rocks up by himself with his massive tree.

And wait, before then, I’m like, I’ve gotta get rid of the other tree first. So I dug the other tree out, I chopped the whole thing up, put it in my willie bin. So my, so my willy bin has this entire tree in it, which was about, it was like a two meter tree. So chopped all that up. Got it. In the willy bin. I’ll mate rocks up with this gigantic tree and then we drag it onto the back of the truck and he is got a lift thing to get it to the ground, which is good.

And then we drag it up to the hole because I only paid to get it delivered to the curb, but it’s out the front of the house. I’m like, if I don’t get him to do it now, I’m not gonna even be able to get it in. Okay. I want him to drag it there. And I left it right on the side of the hole. And then I, I thought about the podcast and thought what I should do is watch a video on instructions.

Right. On how to plan the trees. So I did that. Yes. And the instructions basically said you take it out of the plastic thing first. Right. And you sit it there in the roots and then you kind of, you know, trim roots if necessary and kind of maneuver into positions. Yes. That kinda thing. Yep. I didn’t do that though.

Did you? Same thing. I just did the same thing that I did last time, which is I got it close to the edge and then I dragged it in and dumped it in the hole again. Hang on a second. So you actually went and got instruction on how to do something on YouTube? I did. And then you completely ignored it. I, I did.

I in the moment, yes, I did ignore it. Yes. Out of expediency, you just wanted to get the job done or impatience, I think. And also like, I just had it so close to the edge and I cut a few little bits of it. I literally did, I don’t know, like it just, I just did exactly the same thing that I did last time. I don’t even know why I just made a mistake.

So now the tree is in the bloody hole with plastic all over it. The other trees in the wheelie bin. This tree is in the hole with plastic all over. The roots are already starting to fall apart because I’d like smudged it in there and then I start cutting the plastic off and I’m trying to rip it out and I calm, my back’s fucked and I managed to get under it.

Finally rip the thing out. The roots are gone everywhere. I’d push it up and it’s like wobbling. It doesn’t even stand up. So I’ve got, I pull all the stakes out of the other parts of the garden that were holding my other trees up to put around this tree to hold this tree up. And I’ve only got little bits of string so I get it all up like reasonably in line.

And the other thing that the video said was like that every tree has like a nice angle to look at it from. Mm-hmm. Like a face. Sure. So I was like, I need to line up this angle facing the road so that when you look at the house, you’ve got a nice Yep. Tree. Yeah. But then when I looked at it, all the spinning and shit, it’s like facing me and it looks pretty average from the street.

Okay. Anyway, I finally got it up there and I got it vertical, filled it in, and then I’m just sitting there, my back’s fucked. I’m like, this, I’ve just cut. Totally fucked this whole thing up. Um, but I was happy it was in there. And then some lady walks past and she like stopped. She had her dog and she looks up at the tree.

She goes, I don’t like these trees. They put their leaves everywhere, all over the ground

after you put in all that effort. Oh my God. Did you tell her to get stuffed? My blood started to boil. Yeah. God, I blame you. And I, and I don’t, and I don’t believe in violence against women or any person for that matter. Yes, yes. So I murdered her dog.

It was one of those fluffy white ones. It was. All right. No, no harm done. All right. That’s my dancing update. How’s the scooter going? The scooters got terrible. Guess what I’ve gotta do on the weekend? I buy another, no, I’m gonna buy a motorbike. Oh, for fuck sake. What do you mean? You’ve already got a motorbike?

Yeah, I’ve gotta buy another one. Why? Um, cause I’ve been looking at, uh, just cause of the motorbike that I’ve got, right? The, the, the CB 900 Hornet, which I absolutely love to ride. And I’ve had it since 2015. Right? And, um, it’s 2002. It’s not getting, it’s nothing wrong with this not getting, like, it’s rough around the edges, but it’s super reliable and I can work on it and all that sort of thing.

Uh, years ago when I was living in Geelong, you know, back in 10, 10 years ago, I had a, I think it was a 2002 or 2004 Honda VFR 800. So it’s a v4, right? Yeah. And just sounded so fucking beautiful. Like it’s half a V eight mate, so just, it’s a motorbike that sounded like that. And um, and just over the last few months I’ve just sort of been started looking at ’em again on like Facebook oh nine Marketplace and stuff like that.

That’s where it all fucking starts. Exactly. This Facebook marketplace has been the bane of my existence in the last fucking, so bad 12 months. It’s fucked. I’ve just spent so much money on, it’s just, just keeping the economy going anyway, so I know exactly what under VFR 800 I want, I want the last of the sixth.

Sixth generation. Sixth generation? I think so. Um, wait, so this is the bike you used to have? Yeah, I had a 2002. Okay. Um, but, um, um, but I, but they sort of didn’t really change the, they sort of changed the shape in 2001 and they didn’t change it again until 2014. Why do you, why did you get rid of that? To get the current bike bought?

The Commodore trade it in for the Commodore. Oh, you got, oh, okay. And then you went without a bike for a while. For, for about three years and that sort of thing. So, uh, sorry, is it sixth generation? Yeah, sixth generation Honda bfr 800 and, um, 2013. So it’s the last of the good ones because the, the, the seventh generation was just that, not that great.

Sorry. The eighth generation just wasn’t that, that fucking, it was just boring. Right. And so vfr, what is it? VFR 800. VFR 800. Do you wanna pull up a photo? Yeah. Um, might be able to pull up your Facebook. Um,

pull up a photo, mate. Oh, that’s sick. That’s like a, uh, like a sports kind bike. Sports touring bike. Yeah, exactly. Oh yeah, yeah. Oh, he’s the one that I want, here’s the one that I want and lemme share my screen. Oh. Need to let me share a screen mate.

Good. Can I go? Can I go? You can go

like that is exactly what I want. Handicap red is is the beer, is the vtr. The half baring Vtr is the thousand CCV twin. Yeah. And it’s like a half bear sort of, but it looks similar to that, doesn’t it? Oh, that’s more upright. Yeah, they little. They do. Yeah. But this is, but that, that’s, that’s the bike that I’m looking at at going and buying.

So basically handy up this bike that I’ve found, it’s up in Nua that I’m gonna have it dry right up there on Saturday. Handy Apple, red gold rim, gold rims, and a stain tune exhaust system on it. And it’s just, I saw it pop up on Buddy Facebook and it was, And it was a good, really sharp price and the pays weren’t too bad on it and that sort of thing.

And it’s like being sold by a dealer, which I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not a good thing. Um, but that, look at it, it’s fucking beautiful. Yeah, that’s pretty sick. And so the, I, so when I own mine, um, uh, the, the last one that I owned, I really enjoyed riding it. It just handled so well, you know, it was just so comfortable to ride.

And I actually rode it from, well, I tried to ride it from Melbourne or Geelong when I was in Geelong, up to Queensland for a holidays in 2011. And the old ones, the pre 2000 eights actually had a problem where the regulator rectifier the thing that that charges the battery, not the generator of the stator, but the, the regulator rectifier would burn, would burn out the stator.

So I was riding, I was just outside 50 Ks outside of Kuni Bar brand going up the new highway. And it just clapped out. Oh. And died. Had to get towed to Kobrand. Um, and this was right when we had that big cyclone that just hummed, um, you know, Gunda windy and all that sort of stuff, right? Yes. And I was heading to my brother’s place.

And he lives in Anor. Dan thought. Yes. And, and, um, and so he, he drove, he jumped in his ute, drove six hours, picked me in the bike up. I drove the six hours back, and we were two kilometers away from, um, his house. And the, the, the New England Highway had flooded and we couldn’t get home. Oh no. Yeah. It was the last bridge.

It was the last bridge that we had to cross before his place. And it was flooded. Oh my God. And he had his full drive and he was, we looked at it, we, uh, should we do it? Uh, and he said, no, no. We’ll just, he called up a friend who was on that side of the creek. And, um, and, and so we went round to the friend’s place and we just smashed whiskey.

Like fucking, absolutely. Just, just pounding. Just, just whiskey rocks, right? Oh yeah. That’s what my brother likes to do. And, um, and so, um, we’ve got, um, we stayed a couple of hours and then we’d heard that the, that the, um, um, that the creek, the creek had subsided a little bit. And so, um, we just changed up to the ute and went, and the creek had subsided and the bridge would become visible again.

And we’re so lucky we didn’t attempt to cross the creek because half the road that we were gonna drive across had literally washed out and we would’ve, oh no. Gone in and fucked Ute and the bike so that the moral of that story is if it’s flooded, forget it. And that is for reel. I actually did, I actually did cross one of those little rivers in Dan Thorpe that was flooded, but it was, it was pr reasonably obvious that it wasn’t too bad, although I don’t fucking have a clue what I’m doing, but it was kind of like, you could sort of tell when it was high and when it was low and it was kind of getting closer.

Yeah. But yeah, it happens all the time in it, like every time. Yeah. Yeah. Ex. Yeah, exactly. So, um, so yeah. But anyway, it turns out that was a known problem with that year model, but this 2013 or 2008 onwards doesn’t have this problem. And I reluctantly sold the bike in, you know, or traded it in actually on, on the Commod in 2013.

So I didn’t really have much of a choice because I was, I, I was a, I just just became an owner of a brewing company that didn’t make any beer. Yeah. I, my old, my old 1991 Toyota Camry, I crashed. And, um, on, on the way into Meredith Music Festival, just fucking, just, I was fucking just driving, driving down the road into the Meredith Music Festival.

The fucking sunflowers were out. It was a beautiful day, and I’m just pumped that I’m, you know, going to go to music. Mar Meredith Music Festival, have a amazing time and that sort of thing. And I’m like, ah, this is amazing. And look in front of me. Like, fuck. Cause the cars had all stopped and I, and I smashed into the car, um, in front of me and, and then a car smashed into me, behind me.

Oh, the car in front was one of the people that we were convoying into camp with, and the car behind was my ex-girlfriend, uh, Erica.

And, um, and so she crashed into me and she was in a borrowed car because she crashed her car like the week prior. It was just a complete and utter cluster fuck. And so I wound up with my, my Camry was still drivable, her borrowed car was not. And um, uh, and so I had this dodgy fucking, couldn’t open the boot, couldn’t open the bonnet Toyota Camry that I had to get rid of.

So I just sold it to the records for 250 bucks. And I had to buy a new car. And I didn’t have any money, but all I had was the VFR and I had to trade it in to buy a car. Oh, okay. So that’s how I have, uh, what’s the price differential between your bike and that? Like, would, are you talking lots of money or Probably not.

Not a huge amount. My, you mean my current bike? Yeah. Oh, my current bike’s. A 2002, probably worth 1500 bucks. Now. Don’t get much for it. No, no, I don’t expect to get more than 500,000 bucks for it. I’ll, I’ll see if I can trade it. Um, but this thing’s like five grand, so it’s a bloody good price too. Ah, that’s pretty good.

Yeah. Crazy. I’ve gotten so cheap. It’s only 80,000 Ks for a 2013. That’s not too bad. And hopefully it’s been looked after. So that’s my job as I’m riding up to new sale on Saturday morning to go have a look at this bike. Nice. Post some pics. Yeah, maybe I’ll get it. Maybe I won’t. Either way I’ll get a nice ride out of it so it looks good.

Yeah. Um, well the thing is, what I wanna do is, um, you know, go and do some more motor camping and that sort of thing, and that’s kind of the ideal bike for it because you can get some pans for it and a, and a rear rear sack for it. You know, Chuck, your, your, your tent and your, and your, and your sleeping bag and.

Just go, you know? Yeah, just go, go. It looks like, it looks like a, looks sick, but it looks like it would be reasonably comfortable to ride, like it looks a little bit more upright at the front. Like you’re not gonna be like, it is. Yeah. It’s, it’s a call, a sports tour, so it’s got the fairing, but it’s meant for doing long distances and, and, and lot and all that sort of thing, so yeah.

See what happens. Field trips. Yeah, absolutely. So, right. Can I, sh can I try and demo my app, Voya? Yeah. How you going? Can you share a screen with it or something? I, I think I can, I, I haven’t tested this though, so if I can’t then then I can’t. Okay. iPhone. I, here we go. iPhone, iPad. Let’s see what happens here.

You to tell me what you can say. Oh. Oh, I can see your phone. It’s your phone. I’m sick. Okay. Alright. Um, so, alright, well set expectations first. It’s an MVP so it’s not super. How many fucking apps have you got? All kinds of shit. Right. So Bill, chap, G gb, gbt, share feedback. Yep. Yep. Start testing. Okay. So this is the, this is like the homepage.

Um, yep. So let’s think of something, um, uh, well on, uh, what was it? G, G, uh, C, cb CB 900. F. CB B for Barry. Ah, cb. Cb.

Alright. Uh, 2002 is chat. Gbt gonna write this. 2002. So I’ll, I’ll put, um,

change. Okay. So I’ll, so, so pardon p you can either start it from scratch, which will just be blank. Yeah. Yes. Or use AI to create the process for. So that like editor there that you can see is just like, it’s just like a note or like a document generating. Yes, yes. That’s a misspelling.

So what’s happening now, so this is to, this is creating content forming. So this, this content here that’s coming back here is whatever open AI is given me. So it may be right, it may be wrong. Um,

well allow the oil drone, remove the oil filter. Four quarts of oil. That’s perfect. Yeah, it takes exactly four liters of oil. Nice. Okay. Okay. So, um, and then you can finalize it or you can do like a multi-page. So I could do what’s a multi-page? I’ll do that. So I’ll do the, I’ll do oil and then I’ll do, um, so that’s step one oil.

And then I’ll do another one for change air filter. So in, in the editor here, I can just write this out or I can Yes. Use that button to do it here. So

what was it? 2002? 2002. Honda CB 900 F.

Right. So this, so this is like, you either create the whole thing with AI or this is just like, if you wanna do a bit of text yourself or, and have a bit using OpenAI, you can add in the piece. Yes. So you’d look at that, you’d review it.

Yeah. This is, this is chat. It’s pretty good. Yeah. Yeah, I get it. I’m not responsible for it, but it’s uh No, that’s fine. Gives you start Of course. And so you go and insert it. Yeah. So you put in there and then you can edit it if you want. Like, if it’s something in there that you don’t like or whatever. Um, so finalize, yes.

So there it is. There in amongst the SOPs. Mm-hmm. And now what you can do is go, we can add employees in, but I’ll, I’ll, um, I think I’ve got, I’ve got em here. I’ve got myself. Oh, actually don’t have myself. Do I have myself?

I don’t know if I’ve got myself as an employee. I’ll put you in. Okay. Heo, HEO Henderson. That’ll do. What’s your email? I’m not gonna put it on the fucking screen or on the podcast. Then I’ll do my email.

That’s not my email down to it is not my email. Ok. But I haven’t built all the features to, um, stop you from adding bullshit emails. So yeah. Alright. So what do here as you go, like assign sap? Yes. So changing oil, sign that to Henderson and what does the signing it do? So if I log in, so now I’ve got this user’s area, right?

So I’ve got you there and you can see whether it, I can see that you’ve got an s p assigned to you, but you haven’t completed it. Yes. So if I log in as you, I’ll have to remember the email I use or is it down to.

So I’ll log in as the user we just created. Yes, yes, yes. So see, when I log in, I’ve got the, I’ve got the s a P there waiting for me, and it’s got a little exclamation point saying that I need to complete it. Mm-hmm. So then you go here and then it’ll have, so that’s the s a P there. I can just look at it.

Yes, read it. I can swipe to the next page. Yep. How do you put pictures in complete? In the editor. Oh, you can put pictures in there. Yeah. And then that’s complete. And videos as well gone away.

So I’m logged in with Google.

Oh, I’m not logged in with Google. Oh, that’s a different account. Anyway. If I logged in with, oh, actually I think I know the account. Hang on, let me, let me log in.

Not Dan too. Just regular Dan. Yeah, that is my email address, so if anyone sees that, feel free to email me. Yeah, that’s fine. We all know that, especially if you want to be to test the app cuz I’m looking for people to test it. There you go. So there you go. Now it’s got you as completed. Okay. And so what if I’m an employee, not Dan too, and I want to follow that s o p or something like that?

Um, what do you mean? So basically it just brings it up and you just follow it and that sort of thing? Yeah. Yeah. Well you could, you can, you can do a couple of things. You can do, um, it just brings it up and you just read it through. Or if you want to do it as an actual check box that you like, want to check off the things.

Yes, you can change this from bullet points. Yes, to check boxes. Ah, so if you change it to check boxes, I’ll update it and then, um, I won’t log in again. Oh, you can go and tap the thing. Oh, this is good. Yeah. I like that. Yeah. You, you have to check them in order to Yes. Be allowed to complete the, so p like it.

Yeah. So that’s all I got. So this is, I think it’s heading in the right direction. Who coded that? My developer from up, from Upwork. Yeah. Right. And this is Punch, this is on React. You punch much money in that or, um, Android and iPhone. But what, why is it, why is it work on an Android and iPhone? It uses this React native thing, which is like a, which is like a framework for building kind of like mobile agnostic or I guess os agnostic, like OS agnostic native mobile.

Yeah, so it’s like, it’s, it’s a, it’s a native app, but it’ll be native app on Android. And, um, I’ll also have like a web app for, you know, because if you, I, I think a lot of people will still use on the computer and we will wanna actually type. But yes, once you can use the AI to generate a lot of content, you’d be surprised how much you can actually create on the phone.

Yes. That’s pretty nifty, mate. I think that’s got some potential. So what’s the plan next with it? Well, I wanna, I want to give it to anyone who wants to play with it and then just see what they do, pretty much. Mm-hmm. And then hopefully get some indications that people want to use it. I think with the, with the, I’ve got a bunch of email addresses of people who did my survey and stuff, so I’ll send out to them and be like, do you wanna use it?

See what happens if I get feedback back saying it’s cool, but I’m not gonna use. Yep. Then cool. Probably not great, but if it’s people start using it or people are like, I would use it if I, if you had this feature, then I’m, I’ll probably keep building it. Yep. Um, yeah. Fantastic mate. Yeah. What do you think, well, what are your thoughts when you see it?

I think it’s got a lot of potential, mate. It’s like early, early days for it, but, you know, you can go in, you can get the AI to, to sort of create a framework for the, so p get someone else to validate it. I, I can see some future sort of requirements around things like version control and stuff like that.

That’s a later issue. Yeah. Um, makes writing SOPs very easy, at least getting 80% of the way there. And that’s the biggest challenge that I face when I work with my clients is they lack the time to write SRPs. Yeah. It’s very common problem. Yeah. And so if you can get most of the way there with ai. Well then you’re sort of, you’re doing okay, you know?

Yeah, I guess, I guess the, the, um, the thing is like the, you can get most of the way there with AI anyway because you can just use chat g p T to do that. Yes. Yeah. So I guess the question’s gonna be is that G P T three or four three? Because I don’t have a API access to four. Right. Um, like I think the question with a lot of these apps that use AI is like, is chat g P t gonna get so good and so ubiquitous that people are just gonna use that for everything?

And do they even need any other apps? Yeah. I think it’s going to evolve over time and with the plugins like, oh G P T four, that’s gonna be really interesting. Yeah. I think getting it to, um, getting um, G P T four with the plugin so I can access the internet in real time. That’s pretty interesting. Have you, have you seen that?

Seen that I found, what’s that? Oh, I was gonna say, have you seen that agent G P T thing? No, what’s that for you? Does what? I’ll post it in the notes. I have to find the address. It, it’s, it’s like a, it’s called, it’s not that. There’s a few of ’em. It’s called like Agent G P T or some shit like that. Yeah. And it’s, what does it do?

It’s like a, it’s like chat G B t, except that it operates without you and creates tasks for itself. So. Oh shit. What? It’s pretty wild. I, I haven’t been able to get it to do anything useful for me, but yeah, the idea, do you know what I, you know, you know that the weird thing that I saw, I saw, I watched this video on YouTube about how you can get, um, how you can get chat G B T to write prompts for chat.

G B T. Yes. Yep. What the fuck? Yes. Yeah. It’s crazy. It’s mind blowing, you know, some of the stuff you can do with it. Do you know the thing that’s really disappointing at the same time, right? Uh, as, as sort of chat g p t is becoming this amazing sort of, you know, um, thing you just talk to naturally. Right.

And do you know what’s gone backwards is I’ve got a Google Home. I don’t know if you have a Google Home. Yeah, I’ve got Alexa. Alexa, yeah. And it’s getting worse a hundred percent. It’s shit. Yeah. Like, like I used to be able to say to it, turn on the living room lights and turn on the bedroom lights and it would turn on both the lights, but now it won’t even, it won’t do that.

I have to ask it separately. It’s like it’s taking a fucking step backwards. Interesting. Google is gonna get the first time are under serious threat. Oh yeah. They’re gonna get done. Yeah. And probably Amazon as well, to be fair. Microsoft is back baby. A hundred percent. Who would’ve predicted? I would’ve never predicted that.

Cuz I have never liked Microsoft. But they’re back. Yeah. My, um, my whole IT crew was built around, you know, Microsoft technology and stuff like that, and it’s like, fuck yeah. They, they lost it, you know, they lost the, the, the, the, you know, the server market and all that sort of stuff to and Gmail and they look, the biggest mistake was the missing the phone.

That was the big one. Yeah. The phone thing. Yeah, exactly. But they come back with the, no, actually the, the biggest mistake was back in 1994 when they built, was when Windows 95 came out and I went to the launch of Windows 95 in late 1994. Yeah. And everyone was going, um, was like, I remember the launch of Windows 95, and the really cool thing was seeing the little paper fly outta the folder when you copied a file and stuff like that.

Mm-hmm. And everyone goes, Ooh. And then like, and then, and then, oh, we’ve got this thing called M S N. And so they basically built their own internet. Yeah. And, and it was built into Windows 95 and it locked. And I remember going to the Microsoft Conference, I think it was 96 9 19 96, like they literally the following year.

And they were just like, internet, internet, internet. Cause they knew that they’d fucked up and they were just like, we have to do internet. And that was where it all sort of took off. And there an internet explorer became a thing and all that sort of stuff. And you know, and that’s, that’s kind of what, what, what sort of happened, you know, they make these decisions, they get on the back foot.

They, they, they take a step back in technology. And I think that’s what Google is about to experience is, is going to be behind the eight ball. And it could last a decade, you know. You know, the other thing, the other thing Windows fucked up was Skype. Like, can you, yeah. Even imagine like, Skype was so popular, it was like the only tour people used.

For what exactly what we’re doing right now for messaging people. Like before WhatsApp? Yes. Before Zoom, before iMessage, before Messenger, before all that shit. Yes. Skype did all of the shit. All that. All those things. Yes. And now it’s just nothing. Yes. How the fuck did that happen? I don’t know. Crazy. No, it’s crazy.

And just, just these, these, um, you know, tech companies just buy things to either just destroy them or, or, you know, park them and, and they buy these, these, these technologies. And, but do Windows even have a messaging? Like, like what do you use if you are a Windows guy, you just use Android? What do you to message people?

Oh, uh, when? Well, oh, I don’t know. Well, I mean, Skype was a thing. What’s your preferred, like, you messaged me on, on Messenger, but like, what’s your preferred like, messaging thing to message your friends? Oh, now? Yeah. Now, It would be probably, uh, mixed between, um, messenger and WhatsApp. Yeah, WhatsApp. See, I mean, why don’t you, yeah, I mean that’s, Skype did all of that.

Yes. Crazy. Um, apparently, apparently Samsung are considering, and it could be just jockeying for a better deal, but apparently they’re considering swapping from Google to Microsoft as a default search engine on their phones. Wow. And that wouldn’t surprise me if, if Bing is getting, um, you know, Bing was always played second fiddle to, to Google for search, but Oh yeah.

People aren’t in, in 12 to two years time. People aren’t gonna be searching anymore. I think for some things you will, I was thinking about today, cuz for some things I still use Google a little bit because it gives you, it gives you those instant answers for UpToDate things and chat. G Chat g p t gives you like content, it gives you like rich content.

Lots of details on stuff, but like for simple things like my tree, I wanted advice on the tree. Google does a pretty good job of giving you that real quick. Yes. Um, I mean Bing now does, oh, I just pulled up Bing. And it says you can ask introducing New bi, new Bing prior. Okay, let’s try it. Oh, I need to throw, oh shit.

The 10 billion catch p t deal. Yeah. Yeah. So, uh, there, um, uh, how do I change the oil on a 2002 on CB 900 or so? Are they doing what? Where did you click on them? Do you have this Edge browser? Just went to Bing, click on Bing? No, no. I mean, still in Chrome. Just went to bingle bing today you Yeah. But you, but you click introducing New Bing.

Yeah. Oh, so you did, you are actually just searching the normal, in the normal section. But then it does this thing on the side where it pulls up some AI and shit. Hmm. Interesting. Not quite. Not quite there. I’m just gonna go back to my picture movie. Sorry. I see, I see, I see, I see. Oh, yeah, yeah. Okay. No, that, yeah, that’s not the same thing.

That’s like, that’s, that’s just normal search. Yeah. Yeah. But let me, no, no, no. But I think if you go to, if you click Learn more.

Yeah. Here we go. Yes. I Sure. I can see it is three. Three. Share. Share your screen.

So I just click thing, I need to throw a dinner and it does this thing over the side here and everything. Oh, I see. And then it’s got, let’s chat. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Interesting. Yeah, I was sort of wondering, oh, you can only do conversational search in Microsoft Edge. Wow. Ah, that’s the issue. That’s smart. Is it?

Why do they care so much about who, what browser are you using? Uh, it’s the, it’s the internet. Yeah. Interesting. It’s like Netscape Navigator.

Internet Explorer killed it. Internet Explorer was great. I was a fan. Oh. It was pretty fucking insecure. I don’t care about that. I don’t mean insecure as in it had trust issues or anything like that, but insecure as in it wasn’t very secure. No. Microsoft stuff is secure and hacked all the time. Yeah.

Microsoft sucks. Yeah. That’s what kept me employed. Yeah. No, that’s good. No, they’re doing well. Good on them. Hey, I wanna ask you another entrepreneurial question. Yeah. Are you, you still mates with Tuckie? Uh, I, I know him. I, I, I wouldn’t say I’m mates with him. I’m, I’ve met him once in my life. Yeah. Yeah.

What do you think of him? He seems great. Yeah. I, I’m, I’m like online friends with him. Yeah. He seems great. Yeah. Yeah. Why? Uh, I’m about to, I’m thinking about doing his next Level program cause I did his first, the first one in 2020 and that’s kind of the basis of Rockstar and I’m thinking about doing his next program.

It’s very expensive though. Mm-hmm. Very expensive. I’ve never done any of, of, of his courses or anything. His content seems good. He seems like a good guy, but I, I, yeah. I’ve never done any of his content. I will say though. You are, um, I was, cuz I’ve tried to put together a thing for tonight’s show and it didn’t work, which I’ll do next week using that script app.

Yes. But I didn’t realize you had the, the voice thing already. So I went to your YouTube and I used an app. Get your audio from one of your videos because you need 30 minutes of video to come up with digitized voice. Yes. Your YouTube’s fucking awesome. Yeah, thanks man. I need to put some more work into it.

That’s one of the reasons for signing up with Darkie is to get better content. I actually had a chat with Adie about it last week as well, because, you know, whenever, uh, actually there’s a couple of really interesting things happened on that this afternoon. Cause I was like, um, um, I mean, you, you’re in craft beer professionals on Facebook Aren.

Yeah. Yeah. So there was a guy who, they did, they had a session from this guy called, uh, called a, his, this YouTube channel called Adam Makes Bid Year. And I’d had his CVP thing just added to my watch later and I actually watched it this afternoon finally, three weeks later. And he’s very interesting. So he, he’s, he’s like a content creator that sort of does.

He’s, he, I actually wanna meet him cause he’s very fascinating guy, right? Because he’s a teacher as well, or ex-teacher. Mm-hmm. And he’s a, he’s been a brewer for about 12 years and he does YouTube videos of stuff that he does in the brewery and how he makes beer and all that sort of stuff. Yeah. And then he does like live streams.

I’m like, fuck, I wanted to do that. And so I watched his presentation, his CBP presentation, and he mentioned his Instagram and I’ve just followed him on Instagram and he’s just written me back an Instagram message going, oh man, you’re the reason I started my YouTube channel. Oh, no way. So, um, you could do lots on, so, okay, so your channel, do you, is that like, is that like old videos I was looking at there or are they like, oh, there’s heap.

So I, I released four in January and um, I did three part series on yeast propagator, which fucking blew up the internet because people think you can’t propagate yeast and plastic. And um, and then I did one about dissolved oxygen and stuff like that. And, you know, I remember when I had come around to yours in like fucking 2017 or 2018 or something like that.

Shot, shot down at HQ and yeah. And Kazi was in it and all that sort of thing. And, and um, uh, and it, over the years, like I’ve really neglected the YouTube channel and it’s just such a great way to build trust with potential clients and that sort of thing. And I enjoyed doing it, but it’s really hard to do because if you wanna make a 10 minute YouTube video, the amount of work you’ve gotta put in to write, um, shoot, edit, and publish.

Yeah, that’s a lot of work. It’s a full-time job, I think if you to to be a content creator. Absolutely. Yeah. Um, but you can actually really that 10-minute YouTube video then just have a, a video like, There must be a huge opportunity in like TikTok and Instagram reels and like short form videos, correct?

Yeah. And so one of the things I learned from, from this guy Adam, makes beer today, was like, um, he, he said, well, what I do is I’m just very natural. I do, I shoot some stuff in the, in the um, uh, in the, um, in the brewery. And then I’d do a live stream once a month where I just do a q and a and people just ask questions.

Sometimes you get home brewers, sometimes you get professional brewers and then just chop out the video from that and share. And what he does, he chops out the bit. But the thing is, mate, is that I’ve got, and three and a half years of back catalog live coaching call content that’s all recorded and can be repurposed and ready to go.

And I’m thinking about are they one that that’s, that’s one to many. That’s not like one-on-one is it? It’s one to many, but it’s basically people asking questions and me giving an answer off the cuff. I’m thinking you can pay someone to just rip all that out and turn it into Correct. Yes, yes. Yeah, exactly.

So, and I’ve got like easily a hundred, hundred 50 hours of content there. And do you have like a path, like a, cuz you said on the o podcast we did the other day, you made like a fair bit of money out of the the um, ye propagator one. Did you, did you Yeah, look, it’s um, you know, it the, the prop. Sorry, but actually I just remembered that wasn’t a podcast, that was a chat after.

Yeah, it was like the, the yeast propagator video series. It was actually something I kind of was interested in and I just went and released those three videos, um, you know, to make a Ye cuz no one had ever, cuz no one had created it. And I was like, fuck, you can just go and create a yeast propagator and save money on yeast and make better beer and stuff like that.

And it was just something I was genuinely interested in. And I think that that sort of content is. I feel better about it because with professional brewers, they can really act like fucking home brewers sometimes. Mm-hmm. You come up with an I idea and, and you know, like the, the amount of hate that is propagated series came up with, or, or you know, generated people just going, oh, you can’t propagate him plastic and ah, this won’t work.

That’s fine. You have to skin, that’s fine. Yeah. It just didn’t bother me. I’ve spoken about that before and it’s like, um, but the thing is right, is that there were so many more people who just went, fuck, this is really good. Oh, you’ve got a coaching program. Oh, we’ll join that. And it’s, yeah. No, that was, that was the reason I, a question cuz if you’ve got like a, if you like know you’ve got a path to create a lot more content and you’ve got a good path to monetize that, I feel like you’re like 99% there to just doing Yes.

That, like you, I’m definitely 99% there. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s been really interesting, you know, sort of, um, you know, over the last few weeks, uh, like, you know, you always have that imposter syndrome thing happening as well, particularly with social media. I don’t know if you have it or anything like that.

Everyone’s got it. I definitely did. Yes. And, um, and so, you know, if you follow, you know, me on Instagram, you’ll probably notice over the last few weeks I’ve been sort of posting more stories and stuff like that. And um, and that’s just me basically building my confidence. Yeah. Um, uh, and I know that sounds weird, a lot of people are gonna go fucking what you’re on social media all the time.

It’s like I just happen to be in the places where people happen to be looking. I don’t tend to be on social media. It’s a different fucking thing. And, um, and so yeah, like, oh, I need to roll this, but I, VED, Heen. Fuck you’re getting after it, aren’t you? Nice? Yeah. Well I’m on the traditional thing. Do I roll this?

Am I supposed to roll this? Give it a go. See what happens. I’m rolling it. It’s not a Cooper’s, but here we are. Fuck. Go everywhere. Oh shit. Oh shit. I’m good. Shame you stopped talking cuz you’re on a roll. Um, sorry. And so, but no, the thing is, is that like, you know, all that, all that stuff that I’ve been posting on Instagram, you know, over the last sort of few weeks and that sort of thing is, is really about sort of me, um, you know, building my confidence, sharing a living kit of what goes on in my life.

Cause I’m pretty protective what goes on in my personal life and that sort of thing. And um, um, and it’s just for no reason. You know, I ride my fucking push bike or I go for a fucking hike or something like that. It’s whatever, you know. Hmm. But I do stuff outside of beer and I think that’s what people need to know is that I do things outside of beer.

Yeah. Ride my motorbike, you know, do, do dumb shit. And I sink a bit of piss. Dude, you should go full influencer mode. Like it’s a, it’s a fucking no-brainer. Yeah. I wish I knew how Well, you do know how you’re, you’re literally doing it already. The, the only, the only thing you need to do more of is more short form video.

Like just do short. Yeah. I think, and, and to be fair, you know, I think that’s probably what’s gonna happen next is needing to go full, full influencer mode because, um, um, because I’m just enjoy sharing information about, you know, brewing and stuff like that. And, um, you’ve got as much knowledge as anyone.

You’ve got as good a networks as anyone you, you’ve proven you can do all the content and you can monetize it at the back end. Yeah. You’ve got it all covered. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Um, um, so yeah, watch out for that. Fuck yeah. Um, what have you got there? I’ve got a pulse. Oh, okay. I haven’t seen this one. Any good about to find out?

Well actually I’ve had it before. Yeah, it’s good. It’s tasty. That’s the, oh, sorry, we didn’t need to say for the audio only people. That’s the black hops. Tinney, neer. Give us a look at it. Probably gonna be better fruit. Now just look it in the glass if you can. Oh God. Then now that glass looks fucking, there you go.

Look at that. Yeah. That’s all right. It’s not too bad. See those bubbles? Kenya? You can’t see him. That’s the, uh, tiny sch of glass. Have you still got your skin of glass? Yeah, of course I do.

Nice. Yeah, so it’s kind of dumb, you know, because like, I just don’t see myself as like an influencer. I know that sounds really, uh, dumb, you know? Um, I think, I think the term is the, the term has been corrupted by what we all think of an influencer like, but like before this whole influencer. I used to do loads of content online, loads and loads, and I didn’t feel any shame or fear or anything.

I just shared everything with a lot of content out there. There was no influencer. It was just, this is what I’m doing. This is some content that would be useful. Um, but now it’s, I I know what you’re saying. You kind of, anytime you put something online, you’re fucking nervous about it. You don’t wanna be seen as an influencer.

I’m not, I’m not nervous about it. But, but the thing is, is that, um, like I am aware that I do have an influence on the industry, particularly the Australian craft brewing industry and stuff like that. Um, and, you know, that has the potential to have sort of, uh, you know, like, um, uh, potential knock on effects, you know, and that sort of thing.

And. And, but the thing is right, is that I actually, I don’t see myself as an influencer. I just see myself just being me and just putting shit online cuz I think it’s either funny or interesting or something like that. That’s perfect. And how other people. And how other people, and that’s, that’s good. Well, well, exactly.

But if how other people choose to perceive me well that, that’s entirely up, up to them, you know? And, um, uh, and you know, I I, I love everyone in the industry and that sort of thing. And, um, you know, and I, I love this industry, uh, and yeah, it’s just sort of like, um, I just, I’m just being myself, you know? And some people don’t like it.

And don’t like it. Cool. I don’t care. I don’t think anyone doesn’t like it. You, you, you are awesome. Just fucking send it. You’re doing great. Yeah. I’m a fan. Yeah. I’ll just go full. Send then I’m one fucking, what have I got? What have I got? Lose exactly. A hundred percent. Alright, let’s get into the news. Um, Ratton Hunt is now only a hundred and three fifty five mil cans.

I just finished mine. Fuck God. It’s bittersweet.

Oh yeah. Okay. So, uh, I love that Ratton Hunt was in a four 40 mil can, but I completely understand the reason that it’s in a 3 55 mil can. Mm-hmm. I think they’re taken a core range and that sort of thing. Oh, okay. That, that was fucking delicious. Nice. That was delicious. Um, and I think it’s getting a little bit of a name change.

It’s not traditional pills and it’s something else, Pilsner and that sort of thing. Mm-hmm. Um, and, um, yeah, more people drink pills. Now we, Australians don’t understand pills now. No. Um, you know, they don’t understand the word pilsner. Um, but um, that’d be it. It was the first, the very first batch that won.

The trophy of the ABAs, I think it was last year. And that sort of thing was phenomenal. And then it didn’t get so great, but now it’s back with the vengeance. Nice. Has been, has been for the last, uh, for the whole of this year. Um, and I’ve been drinking it quite frequently and that was sensational, the date code on it.

Nice. We should, we should get a screen. Wouldn’t you get a screenshot of that to be What, what we Yeah, we did. We did. Oh, that was it. Yeah, we did. Um, um, so yeah, I, I’m not a fan of the big can anyway. I know. It’s like a, people love it cuz it’s bigger, but it’s just big cans are silly. Yeah. No, no, no. I, I, I agree.

Taking it to a smaller can I think is a great idea. But three 50 fives. Oh, that one hurt. That one hurt. I won’t lie. That hurt. Yeah. Just gimme a 3 75, you know. Oh, just makes sense. They’re clued on dudes over there. They probably know what they’re doing. Yeah, they, well, I think all their other cans are 3 55, so I think it’s just compatible with what they do.

That’s just personal preference. It’s fucking, that’s just an opinion. Speaks nothing of the fucking awesome beer that it is and the awesome people that make it, you know? Yeah. Um, so yeah, and at the end of the day, if they can, you know, I, I’ve never looked into it too much, but if you can sell 3 55 and people pay about the same and the business is better off for it than fucking, I’m all for it.

Yeah, absolutely. But would you buy a six pack of it? Correct. Answer is yes. The correct answer is yes. I don’t, I don’t like it probably comes in a four pack, in which case you buy two, four packs, but that makes eight pack. Yeah. Better than the six pack. That’s, yeah, that’s true. All right. Did you see this, the aac, so I put in here the aback, um, claims quarterly.

Article from Bruce News, but also direct link to the, um, pdf. I have a little skim through. There’s some interesting shit in here. Really? How interesting would Okay. Pull up. Give us the fucking weirdest well hard fears of just chat in the bed again and they just don’t give a fuck. That goes without saying.

The funniest bit from the hard PI thing was, do I need to go to the AVAC website for the um, no, I put in the notes the pdf. Oh, oh, got it, got it, got it. There. Had something in there saying like, oh, here we go. The company did not remove the marketing material and the complaint was referred to the Queensland Liquor Authority.

Ah, absolutely. That’s what they do. So that’s not great. So that one was, that’s what they do. Oh, is this hard? Fizz. Oh, MSC box tails. Yeah. Where’s hard fizz. I just wanna see how they’ve chat the be. Oh, here we go. Uh, Concern that images. So the complaint is the concern that images of people that seem under the influence of the statement who says, this shit doesn’t get you drunk, that ain’t give a fuck, it’s that ain’t give a fuck.

It’s so irresponsible. Like, whether you like aback or not say that when you’re dealing with liquor. Yeah, no, it, because there, there are people out there that have alcohol addiction, all sort of stuff. It’s like you just, you just can’t, oh, it’s so bad. Well, the other thing, the thing about the AVA code, it’s common sense.

Yeah, I was gonna say, if all these things keep getting referred to Queensland Liquor, then they’re starting to get the message that people don’t give a fuck about AAC and they’ll probably just ditch it and then introduce government regulation. Oh, absolutely. If we get government regulation because of these guys, I’m gonna be fucking pissed.

Yeah. That’ll be shit. But the next step, and this is gonna be the really interesting thing, right? Is they’ll get referred to, uh, Queensland Liquor Licensing cuz I, I assume that that’s where their liquor license is. And what will happen is they’ll start getting rsa um, issues, fines and all that sort of stuff.

And that’s when the real shit happens. Right. So kind of comes down to the states to, but they don’t have much, I think their business is mainly a wholesale business. I don’t think they’re You mean for the tapering? Is that what you mean For rsa? No, your, your marketing. Oh, for the, on social media. Yeah. Um, can be seen as not being responsible service of alcohol.

Oh, true. And then your licenses are threat and then you fucked. Correct. Exactly. And then they’re put outta business. This is, this is the thing. So ABAC don’t have any teeth in that regard, but state liquor licensing, um, you know, commissions do. Yeah. The Bilsens one was interesting too. Where’s the Bilsens one?

What happened? There’s bilsens, like the, uh, great bubblegum vodka. Oh, fairy floss fruit tingle. Yeah. Angle creamy soda. Toffy apple. Yep. This is like their whole business selling these things. And they were massive. They were like, when we did the, um, last year, I think we went to the Endeavor Group, supplier Awards.

Bilson won fucking everything. Yeah. It’s like their best product. They, um, they, it’s a really interesting one. I think I saw some beers from, uh, edge Brewing Project as well over the last 24 hours that were called, uh, you know, tropical Pop. And it can’t use the, it specifically says the Abic cannot use the word pop because that, that, that, that, that implies soft drink.

Yeah. Yep. All right. And, um, so, you know, see what happens. Oh, the voucher you BOTAs T-shirt. I think that was Okay.

The, the T-shirt with the VP logo shows the BB can dressed as a kid with the Santa Claus character has a very strong appeal to minors. Fuck off. Yeah. That’s not a child. That’s a green Santa. That the kid is a child. No, that be the can is a child, I think. Oh, Anne’s got a kid’s face. Oh. Uh, okay. I think the bigger problem is just a kid sitting on an old man’s lap.

That’s creepy as fuck. That’s Santa. That’s what Santa does. That’s so creepy. Dude. If you ever walk across the Superman supermarket, there’s like these little kids sitting on some old dude’s lap. It’s fucking weird. Just what happens at Christmas. Yeah. It shouldn’t though. Shouldn’t, let’s be honest about that.

It should let your kids sit. Sit on Santa’s lap. Fuck no. Um, I’ve always wondered about these ones. So this one, herbal Law of Cures. Yes. It literally just makes all these claims about how it makes you more relaxed and. Therapeutic benefits and all this strength and power. Like, you can’t do that shit, guys.

No, you definitely can’t do that shit. But there was, and then the BWS one, some call it natural medicine. We call it delicious. Oh my God.

Wow. You definitely cannot say that. You actually cannot say that alcohol is a therapeutic. Uh uh uh, wow. It’s just so, it’s so funny that people just go into this game just thinking, oh, we can do whatever we want, but not realizing that it’s alcohol and you’ve got like a social responsibility and that sort of, dude, I, I was the same.

We found out the hard way that you can’t just put whatever the fuck you want on a beer can. Yeah. Um, had no idea. What about this BWS one at 24 beers in a day? Day 24. 24 hours In a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence. Coincidence. That’s a, that’s a sign out the front of a t Y bws. A Ws.

Pretty funny. It’s an old saying. Yeah. But yeah.

You can’t do that cartoons with Is that fucking Pauline Hansen? Dude, this one was interesting because this one was like a cartoon that I think they’re, um, like someone else made, like they didn’t make it. I think they were like a distributor. Yeah. Right. Didn’t create the video and had no entitle. Okay.

Yeah. Yeah. Which is something we’ve uh, we’ve wondered before is like if like the inspired unemployed do something Yes. It’s not appropriate. Is that the same as if Better Bear do something it’s not appropriate? Yes. Or if their customers do and it get shipp, oh, someone complained about the VB button. You press the VB button twice and then you get a case of VB delivered.

No, but they said that’s sweet. Yeah, of course. It’s everyone should have a BB part. Vbs fucking sick. Vbs. Very gross. Yeah. There’s a lot in here where they said that hadn’t been breach a held a lot of complaints. Someone’s busy here making complaints, that’s for sure. Yeah. Lots of different people. Mm-hmm.

Anyway, fucking you back. All right, what have we got? One more top 50 US brewing companies and also this article, um, I think it’s said in here that the craft beer market share had increased Good in American in the us Good. Yeah. Yeah, because they had a Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. Shrink 3%, 6% growth over 2021. Yep.

Yep. So what’s the top 50? What’s number one there? Is that you, wait, are you looking at it? You can guess. Yeah. Uh, Sierra. Oh, Ling England. Yeah, of course. Boston Beer Company. Yes. Here in Nevada? Yes. Uh, dove Morga, which is Firestone Walker. Oh, really? Something el Yeah. Yeah. Deve owns Firestone Walker. I dunno what the one city is.

Uh, Gambino owned Shire. Yes. Gabri. These fucking brewing companies. Can, can I, oh, there’s some, there’s some, um, like conglomerates, like ment in the top 10 there. Why does Stone have an districts next to it?

Where Stone Brewing, uh, does not include fbs FSBs. Uh, I have no idea what that means. Tilray Beer brands. Dunno who that is. Uh, Brooklyn. Deschutes New Athletic. The athletic Athletic is, is non the number 13. High country. Get out. Fucking huge, huh? Yeah. Unbelievable. Allagash, Georgetown, Odell Ryan, guys. Yeah.

Some fucking great breweries. We should go to the States and do a brewery tour. I went to odell. That’s in, um, Fort Collins. That place is called Shit. You should go to the, the, we should go to the us. Oh. We can go to a, we can go to a watch, A Starship launch, which I think is happening tonight. Cause it’s four 20.

Four 20. Yeah. Tomorrow morning. Oh, tonight. Yeah, tonight. And can you stay up to watch the other one? Uh, no, but I probably, I, cause I was pretty well 90% sure they were gonna scrub it for some reason. Oh. I’ll probably scrubbed this one as well. I stayed up. It was, it was looking good until like eight minutes to go and then it was like, no scrubbed.

Yeah. I’ll probably watch this one this time around. When is that? Let me have a look. Spice six, it was 10 o’clock at night. I wasn’t that late. Mm-hmm. Because it was nine in the morning over there. Upcoming Starship test flight April. 8 28 CT nine 30 ct. What does that mean in English or Australian? Five 40.

Oh no, it’s no, uh, 5:40 AM Is that right? What time? That sounds sick. Wait, five? No, three hours from now? Yeah. So it’ll be, oh yeah, it’ll be like 10 30, 11, 11:00 PM something. 1141, nearly midnight. Yeah. Unbelievable. Fuck. I’m keen to see it. Yeah. No US trip. I’m keen Do we have to like pack heat or whatever or?

Probably. Okay. Do you know how to shoot guns? Yes. Okay. Orley, I don’t really know anything about them, but my, my mate down the street’s got a gun cabinet with like all these guns and shit in it. Yeah. No, I’m not, I’m not a gun gun person by any means, but, um, Uh, but you know, my, my, my brother had a farm and had rifles and shotguns and stuff like that, and we’d shoot the things that that fling in the air, you know, like the Olympics, the little clay, pigeons, pigeons, clay, pigeons.

It would shoot those shoots. But I feel like you need to, if you go to America, man, if you gotta do it, you have to do it. It’s so fucked. And it just feels so fucking weird that they’re so into guns. But it’s so weird. I, I listened to a episode of Joe Rogan the other day and he is going on about how good Australia is, and he is like, dude, Australia’s the best.

Like it’s the best now talking about, and they’re like, yeah, the only problem is they just need more guns. Like that is, no, we don’t. We absolutely do not. No can hell. We absolutely do not know you’ve some of the toughest gun wars in the world. And I love it that way. Nice. God. It’s fucking terrifying. I actually like, it does like actually worry me going there the first time I, the first second time I went there, I arrived the day of the, was it the, the 50 person nightclub?

The Oh yeah, yeah. Massa, New York in Florida. Oh yeah. New York. Yes, yes, yes. Florida or New York. And so that was the day we landed in San Francisco. I’d say in uh, lax. Not nowhere near there, but it was just like coincidentally that day and the first time I went there, there was a shooting somewhere near la, which is the day we landed.

So the only two times I’ve been there, there’s like, the first time we get there, the news is like a whole bunch of people have been shot. It’s fucking crazy. Yeah. That’s, man, I actually do think about that when going back to the US I’m like, we could probably just go to Canada, see a lot of good shit not get shot.

Yeah, fair enough. And I haven’t been there. Yeah. All right. Let’s do the 12 questions. I think we please. I, I guilt tripped the group and said, give us some questions because last week we had like zero. I did get a question on Instagram. Oh, you did? Mm-hmm. Let me pull it up. Oh my God, we’ve got 11. These fucking dudes do better.

We’ve got 11 comments. Do you think they did that on purpose sake? Wait, wait. 11 plus the one you’ve got is 12. Yes. Yes, of course. That’s good. Okay, so we’ve got 12. Okay. I can, before we do these questions,

I’m the recording. Yeah, yeah. Couple of professionals right there. Right. It’s just like we both, uh, for those listening on audio, we both sat down at the same time after having a. Literally at the same time. Exactly. Amazing, fun. So what’s your question? Uh, my question is from uh, Tom Northwood. And I know that guy.

Uh, do you? Yeah. It works at Vault, doesn’t he? I think so, yeah. How do you feel about fresh slash wet hot beers? Oh, that’s a good question cuz I saw there was like a wet hop beer festival question. I didn’t put, I think I said through a link with slipstream just releasing one and all that sort of stuff.

There’s a festival just for wet hop be I think in Sydney really today. And I didn’t put in there cause I was not interested at all. I think they’re okay. I just think I find them. You’ve gotta have like normally hoppy beers is supposed to drink really, really fresh, wet hop beers especially are supposed to be drunk really, really, really fresh.

Like literally the day it’s really sort of fresh. Right? Yeah. Um, I find them very grassy and vegetable. Mm-hmm. But not, no, not vegetable, just grassy. And they are, um, not bad. Um, but I don’t tend not to gravitate towards them. I’d certainly wouldn’t drink one that would, had, had been around for a little while, like more than a couple of weeks or something like that.

So I suppose if you’re doing festival economy, I don’t, I, okay, here’s the go. I don’t look forward to fresh hop beer season. Right. Um, I think it’s an interesting experience and if you happen to happen to across a fresh hop beer, awesome. Um, but, um, but I don’t go. Oh my God. Yeah. Fresh hop seasons, you know, wet hop seasons coming up.

There’s gonna be wet hop beers. I’m gonna get stuck into it. Nah. I just, I think, um, I think I drink them, but it, it’s not like, At the time of year that I look forward to the same, that I, same way that I look forward to octoberfest and drinking hellis. That sounded like a really politically correct way of saying you don’t like them.

I’m, I’m just gonna say it. I don’t like them. Just not a fan. Not a fan. I’ve never had a good, they’re okay. I don’t, I’m not trying to be politically correct. I’m like, they’re okay, but I’m, I don’t get excited about them. Can I ask you That’s probably maybe cuz I haven’t had a good one. So can I ask a more important question?

What flannel would you wear if you were wet hopping as opposed to dry hopping buck? Um, you know what you would do? You would take the dry hopping, red and black flannel. Mm-hmm. And you would wear a black and red flan. I see. Opposite. Opposite. Like inside out or where it inside? No, no, no, no. Where the red is there would be black.

And where the black is would be red. So red you dry. The dry hot flannel is mostly red with a bit of black. I see what you’re saying. Yes. Okay. So black with a bit of red, yin and yang, man. Oh, I like that. Yeah. Now I like that. Um, you know, I had an idea for our first ever blog post we could put on the Boston Brewer blog.

We have a blog. Blog. Well, we got WordPress, so Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Blog post. Easy peasy. We could, we could, we could put a post up of all the flannel rules. Yes. Because we’ve got ’em in a Google Doc. We do need to publish that. Yes. We could publish it and just put images of the different colored flannels. Yes.

Now we’ve got, wait, I’m gonna, I’m gonna add, um, wet hop flannel. Wet hopping is, otherwise I’ll forget. It’s probably a Dixon flannel for that. Oh, a hundred percent. Um, Google. Oh, also, hang on, let me, let me find the flannel rules. Oh, there is one Look. We’ve gotta fit the, um, black, so black and red is wet hopping.

And red and black is dry hopping. Red and black is obviously dry hopping. Um, what about the, the, the jewel? And it’s a very subtle fucking difference too. Nice. So Dixon have one. They’ve got both. Yeah, of course. Yeah. Let me show you. Let me share, send, send me a link. I, I’ve, I’ve, I’ve got links to all these, these little fuckers.

What about, um, so that’s your dry hopping, you know? And that is your wet hopping flannel. Now it’s very subtle. Wait, very subtle one. Oh dude, that, that wet hopping one is sick. I know. But it’s a very subtle difference with the, with the, with the dry hopping. That’s not a subtle difference. That’s a significant difference.

Well, exactly. But the thing is right, is if you were wearing that, if you were wearing that right, and someone come up to you and said, are you wearing your dry hopping flatter? You go fuck off. I’m wearing my wet hopping flato. Well, I wouldn’t wear that because I don’t, all I know how to do is dry hop. I, I don’t, I wouldn’t know what to do with that.

Do you reckon that’s, that’s sick. Good. So that one, the name of that one is the ninth Street Flan. Okay. And it’s $25 off at the moment. 54 95. That’s a bargain that’s cheaper than the Dulux merch fla. Well, that’s because wet hopping doesn’t happen. That island. True. It’s a And as demand is lower, what, um, can we find room for the, the Dulux Plano in here somewhere?

Yes, of course. We can just added list. Yeah. It was black and gray, wasn’t it? Was it the office? It was the accounts one. No, it wasn’t Accounts. No counts Was gray and white. Gray accounts was gray, yellow, green, black. Interesting. Um, we, we’ve gotta find something for the Dulux one. What? Well, I guess like, I guess like what about tap room construction or something?

You need a, you need a fucking concrete in flatto mate. Yeah. Gimme another 12 questions. Sorry. Come an idiot. Fucking can help. Right? Question number one or two if you, uh, scooter update. Yeah. Two. That two. Cause you’re useless. Um, two Louie G What kind of style is goza? Is it, what is it similar to? Ah, that’s an excellent question.

Uh, so Goza originally comes from the, uh, town in Germany called Laish, or if you’re from Lightish they’re called it. And, um, Uh, so basically, um, a lot of people associate it with being fruity and salty. They’re not necessarily fruity and or salty at all. They’re basically a fourish somewhere between three and a half and four and a half percent beer, a little bit sour.

They can have some Brett Ansis in them. So a little bit of funk going on in them. They can be salty or not. Um, and um, they’re great. I was in sis in 2019. Loved it, loved that town. So good. So many cool people. Good question. Good answer. Nice and yeah, tight hando. Keep it tight. All right. How do you make a sea urchin oyster slash oyster beer?

Louie g

dunno. You get an oyster stout. Yeah, we, we made an oyster out of gabs that made the top ten one year. And yeah, we put the oysters in the boil and. Yes. Then we ate. I’ve seen people put fucking disgusting. Yeah. I’ve seen people put oysters like dry oystering, like post fermentation and then realizing that they’ve fucked up and they might pause pathogens and stuff in the beer, having to recall a beer.

Uh, so yes, you should put in the boil. Yeah. Um, can’t say I’ve had many or made one. Dude, you would probably have kill Patrick. Yes, I’ve had Kill Patrick, of course. But that’s pretty good. That’s, that’s like the last one that I had. When did you last make that? Probably for, well, we used to make the, we used to remake the Gabs beers, so probably la uh, maybe last year I think we made it again.

But yeah, it was good. Sea urchin, that’s aggressive. They’re expensive aren’t it? Yeah, that’s sounds spiky. All right. Comment. Column zero is multiple of 12. 12 times zero, zero. Nah, it’s a technicality. I don’t believe that. Yeah, that’s right. Tom Northwood. Is anybody from the 12 heading to Freshies? Oh, there you go.

Freshies with friends. Oh, there’s so, actually I feel bad for not actually acknowledging that, but when is that? This weekend, apparently. Well, if I get mobi, then maybe. Yeah, freshies. Freshies with friends. A celebration of fresh, hot beers. That’s a slip stream brewing this weekend. Yeah. Guest speakers, guest taps, food specials.

That’s cool. All right. I feel bad now for saying it was at some random place in Sydney, but that’s cool. That’s go. Yes. Well, I’m like going cuz I’ve got shit on, but the 12 should go. Yes, Paul Metcalf. Well let’s talk about Collins. I will go with the shit. Bring a friend to the Forbidden Bid. Okay. All right.

Darren Gibbon’s question. Colin Gabs beer revealed so far? What are you hanging out to? Tryer? Fuck. I haven’t seen any Gabs beer. I haven’t seen him. Where did, should we do that next week? Yeah, let’s go through the list of Gabs Be is next week, cuz I’m sure more get revealed. Okay. All right. We’ll do that next week.

Um, Darian’s observation, I was in a regional town recently and visited a few, few of the local breweries. One had a great feel in questionable quality beer. It was busy another mm-hmm. Was in a great location, probably higher end, had consistently good beer and was dead quiet. Which one would you back to survive?

The one that was busy? Probably Yes, unfortunately. That’s just how it goes. That’s how it goes. Hobo is a tough game. Mm-hmm. How’s the NZ Pilsner going from Adam Shell? Which one? The other one. The other one. Um, that’s an excellent question. So we brewed that last Monday. That was the 10th of April. What are we on day?

7, 8, 9, 10. It’s on day 10. Oh, this is the beer. You guys home brew? Yeah, we home brewed. Oh yeah. Nice. Yeah, so we brewed in New Zealand pills now. So has been dry hopped and I’ll probably crash, chill it tomorrow and then we need to drink it. Nice. Next week’s show? Oh, probably not as soon as this weekend, but you know, around, no, maybe the, the mayday weekend or something like that.

Can you drink it for next week’s show? Is a little taste test. Uh, possibly bit tired, possibly. No, not at all. No. We can definitely have it in the cake by then. That won’t be a problem. Mm-hmm. Can send it. I love that style though. You can taste test your own beer. It’d be like smelling your own. Maybe. Maybe next Friday the, the 28th before the mayday weekend might drink it.

Cause I’m actually heading out to a friend’s place, um, out west near Toowoomba or a university reunion next Saturday. But um, yeah, take the new bike. Nah, I’ve gotta take an esky and a tent and a mattress and all that sort of thing. You can fit that in the Commodore easy. The como is fine. Yeah. Nice bright Hando.

Love your work mate. I expect to be seeing you on TikTok this week. I won’t do TikTok, but I’ll do Instagram. Okay. Cheers. Legend.

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