BatB 71 – F1, VA’s & AI

The Boss and the Brewer
BatB 71 - F1, VA's & AI


  1. F1 weekend wrap up 
  2. What has Hendo been up to on the Instagram account?
  3. Chat GPT content syndication results 
  4. Stats update 
  5. Tribe creditors agree to 5c in the dollar – 
  6. Parched VA – 
  7. Pregnancy labeling approved – 
  8. Exit’s Exit – 
  9. Daniel Ricciaardo’s Wine – 

12 questions

Daniel Ridd – 

Just catching up on last week’s episode.

Judging by the html code, Brews News’ website is no longer WordPress.

Regarding the discussion about the word ‘Beer’ on the Indie seal. I’m kinda playing devils advocate here, but what about an IBA member like Moon Dog, who possibly produce more seltzer now than beer? Regardless of what I think about the beverage, I’d rather see consumers choose one from an indie brewery than otherwise. Having said that, the seal is not on Fizzer. Not the one that’s been sitting in my fridge for the last two years anyway 😁

I don’t necessarily disagree with Dan and Hendo. I just thought it was worth adding to the discussion that whether the Indie campaign material features the word beer or not was probably a difficult one for the IBA to decide and needed to consider the business models of all its members.

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