BatB 70 – AI content, AI beers, mowing beers and freeing deez nuts

The Boss and the Brewer
BatB 70 - AI content, AI beers, mowing beers and freeing deez nuts


F1 Melbourne update

Asahi to close Green Beacon Production Brewery – 

Jim’s mowing beer (Hendo live reaction) – Jim’s Lawn Lager on Channel 10 news!

Free Deez Nuts – 

ChatGPT content reach experiment starts today. Last 2 week average 1,038 – Hendo predicts over 3,000

Both Dan and Hendo have written a CMS in ASP….who would have thunk it?

AI-generated beers:

12 questions

Grain takeover –

Podcast summary (created by Chat GPT)

Dan and Hendo discussed the technical difficulties with Dan’s laptop stand, which led to them considering using a lexicon half coaster to balance it. They joked about whether Paul, who listens to the show, would notice or care. After trying to find other solutions, Dan ripped up a book written in a foreign language to use as a makeshift stand.

The conversation then turned to writing books, with Hendo expressing interest in writing one. Dan offered to help with the formatting and Amazon logistics, and mentioned that he knew a graphic designer who specialized in book covers. They also discussed drinking beer and lamented the possible closure of a local brewery.

At one point, they shared photos of their beers, with Hendo showing off his “Belgium Botax” ale in honor of his favorite driver. Dan took a screenshot of both photos to share on social media.

Hendo predicts that Daniel Ricciardo will take Checo’s seat in Red Bull by 2024, and they both agree that Max is a fast racer. They also talk about their plans to go to Melbourne and visit a brewery. They briefly mention a previous discussion about driver of the day, with Dan choosing Alonso and Hendo choosing Gly, but neither of them won. They make their predictions for driver of the day for an upcoming race, with Hendo choosing “badass” and Dan choosing Max.

Dan and Hendo discuss the recent acquisition of a brewery and how it does not make sense for a big company to own any brewery other than the massive production breweries they already have. They mention that there is an immediate need for more production and that’s why the smaller breweries are being bought out. They also discuss the impact on employees who may have to relocate and how it affects their passion for working in a smaller brewery versus a bigger production facility. Dan expresses concern about big companies buying out smaller breweries and shutting them down. They briefly talk about the promise of a stone and wood brewery in Mebo and why it doesn’t make sense for them to build it. Finally, they discuss the purchase of land and the value of property development when you are a big brewery.

Two people are discussing watching a Jim’s Mowing video without infringing copyright. They discuss the need for visible faces and sharing sound. They go on to discuss a mowing franchise and its new beer. They joke about the brand and the possibility of making it with the scent of freshly cut grass. They mention that the beer is crafted and not mass-produced, and one of them mentions that it has a good taste, although they themselves do not drink.

Hendo and Dan discuss films that Hendo recommends watching. He suggests that Meet The Feebles Too Old and Brain Dead are must-see films, especially if they are more than 15 years old. Hendo goes on to explain that Brain Dead is a spatter movie, and they used to show it at a cinema in Woo and gaba during the midnight screening. He recalls a scene where custard is being eaten, and body parts are falling into it. Dan mentions that he saw a TikTok video where an actor who played Sarah was cut out of the last Lord of the Rings movie, but he recommends watching the director’s cut version to see his performance. Hendo expresses his dislike for the trilogy and thinks the characters Saruman and Gandalf look the same. The conversation then turns to Jim Penman and his lawn mowing business, Jim’s Mowing. Hendo praises Jim for being a good businessman and caring about his business. Dan suggests that Jim and Tim Cooper could be the same person with a different mask, which prompts Hendo to joke about copyrighting the color green.

Hendo and Dan talk about a giant salted nut roll that weighs a pound and has marshmallow in the middle. They discuss making it into a protein-packed snack and joke about their experiment using Chat GPT to amplify their content. They also briefly talk about AI beers made by Dayton and BrewDog. Hendo offers to transcribe the video file, but it will have spelling mistakes and ums and rs. Dan suggests using Chat GPT to fix it.

Hendo and Dan discuss a beer recipe. Hendo goes over the recipe for a hazy grapefruit XPA called Sunset Haze. He lists the ingredients, the mash process, and the yeast targeted water profile to create a soft, juicy mouthfeel. Hendo also mentions the dry hopping process and the importance of cold crashing the beer to clarify it. He suggests a CO2 volume of 2.4 for carbonation. The conversation then shifts to a plugin thing called ChatGBT, which provides random ideas for modern beers. Hendo and Dan discuss the benefits of using the plugin for design and name suggestions. They also touch upon the idea of creating something new versus taking inspiration from others. Hendo points out that the Sunset Haze recipe is similar to other beer recipes and doesn’t show a lot of creativity. Dan questions the need for creating something entirely new and wonders how much innovation is happening in beer brewing.

The hosts discuss the security issues they faced in the early days of web development, and mention some of their clients including Buckingham Palace, Kia, and Alpha Romeo. They also discuss the risk of rebranding, citing Mazen’s pinstripe cans of Hawkers as an example. The hosts remind listeners to use proper punctuation and grammar when submitting questions to their Facebook group, where they ask and answer 12 questions each week. They then proceed to answer a question from Adam Shell about whether rebranding can damage a brand.

Dan and Hendo discuss who could potentially buy the Green Beacon facility. Dan suggests that a major brewery could buy it, shut it down, and scrap the equipment. They both agree that it is unlikely to be sold to a competitor, as Ashi sees all craft brewers as competitors. They then discuss the highest finishing Australian in F1, F2, and F3. Jack Doin is mentioned to be in F2, but they are unsure about F3. They discuss the technical specs of F2 cars and note that they are all identical, making it a driver-focused sport. They agree that F2 is exciting to watch.

They talk about flying with Hen’s favorite airline alliance, their opinions on a takeover bid for United Malt Group, and Francis Sole’s recent actions. They discuss the bid and how it would create the world’s largest maltster. They also mention GrainCorp, Barrett Burston, and Crime Malt, all of which are involved in the takeover bid. They also mention Louie G and how he breaks news. Dan and Hendo find the news to be significant and noteworthy.

Dan and Hendo discuss various topics, including flying with Hendo’s favorite airline alliance and a takeover bid for United Malt Group by Sule, which would create the world’s largest maltster. They also talk about Louie G, who seems to have broken the news about the takeover bid, and how he always seems to know everything. The discussion is casual, with lots of back-and-forth between the two hosts, and some parts are difficult to understand due to unclear speech and background noise.

Chat GPT Result

# Grapefruit Hazy XPA Recipe

## Name Suggestion

**Sunset Haze**

## Design Elements

* Vibrant sunset colors (yellow, orange, and pink) inspired by the grapefruit hues

* Silhouette of a hop plant at the forefront, with grapefruit slices and a stylized sun in the background

* Black Hops Brewing logo prominently featured with a grapefruit twist

## Batch Size

50 hectoliters (HL)

## Ingredients

### Malt

* 4700 kg Pale malt (2-row)

* 400 kg Wheat malt

* 300 kg Flaked oats

* 200 kg Munich malt

* 100 kg Carapils malt

### Hops

* 4 kg Citra (First Wort Hops)

* 4 kg Amarillo (Whirlpool, 15 minutes)

* 4 kg Simcoe (Whirlpool, 15 minutes)

* 8 kg Citra (Dry hop, 3 days before packaging)

* 8 kg Amarillo (Dry hop, 3 days before packaging)

* 8 kg Simcoe (Dry hop, 3 days before packaging)

### Yeast

* London Ale III (Wyeast 1318) or equivalent

### Water

* Target a water profile with a chloride to sulfate ratio of 2:1 for a soft, juicy mouthfeel

### Additives

* 20 kg Grapefruit puree (Secondary fermentation, added after primary fermentation)

## Process

### Mash

1. Mash in with 52.5 HL of water at 68°C for 60 minutes.

2. Mash out at 76°C for 10 minutes.

3. Sparge with 60 HL of water at 76°C to collect 112.5 HL of wort.

### Boil

1. Boil wort for 60 minutes.

2. Add Citra first wort hops as the wort comes to a boil.

3. At flameout, start the whirlpool and add Amarillo and Simcoe whirlpool hops.

4. Chill wort to 19°C before transferring to the fermentation vessel.

### Fermentation

1. Aerate wort and pitch yeast according to manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Ferment at 19°C until the gravity stabilizes, approximately 7-10 days.

3. Add grapefruit puree to the fermenter, being careful to minimize oxygen exposure.

4. Allow fermentation to continue for an additional 3-5 days or until gravity stabilizes.

5. Add dry hops (Citra, Amarillo, and Simcoe) 3 days before packaging. Use a hop bag or other method to contain the hops for easy removal.

6. Cold crash at 2°C for 48 hours to help clarify the beer and drop out yeast and hop particles.

7. Package the beer in kegs or bottles, and carbonate to a target CO2 volume of 2.4.

Enjoy your refreshing and hazy Grapefruit Hazy XPA, “Sunset Haze”! Cheers!

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