BatB 52 – BatB 1st birthday celebration, Mazen is back, Christen from Your Mates and Dan’s announcement
  1. Over Under Update
  2. Dan’s announcement
  3. Tonight’s mystery guest 
  4. Tonight’s second mystery guest 
  5. Behemoth Crowdfunding – $2.57m out of max $3m – 11 days to go – 
  6. Your Mates Record Breaking Crowdfunding Campaign – 1 hour 18 minutes, $2.5m – Where is the press?
  7. Wayward and batch form local collective – 
  8. Indies results – Qld crushes, Moffatt crushes, Madocke best euro, Champ large Moon Dog, Best beer White Bay – 
  9. Retail sales down year on year, 50% online growth since pre-covid ““An important part of Pinnacle is the partnerships that we have… Better Beer – that’s an example of something that we consider a Pinnacle product – it’s not just an Endeavour owned-portfolio.
  10. Big Shed Turns 10 – 
  11. IBA Board Nominations open – 
  12. 12 Messages – play audio messages and react

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