BatB 50 – F1 Quiz, Brewdog, Top 5 beers from the 2010s, Black Flag and Your Mates Crowdfunding, Slimline cans…

  1. Dansion and Scooter update
  2. F1 Quiz
  3. BrewDog James Watt wins court case – – “’Ziem took part in a BBC Scotland documentary earlier this year called The Truth about BrewDog, which claimed that Watt abused his power at the firm. The BBC has since deleted various claims made in the documentary.’” 
  4. Second wave 5 most meaningful beers – 2010s  
  5. Over under prediction Behemoth EBITDA prediction $2.6m profit Dan $400k loss, Hendo Over. Behemoth update 1,036 opted in – 
  6. Black Flag and Your Mates Crowdfund
  7. Slimline beer cans and the future of can formats – 
  8. Ballistic Hazy Pale Ale Recall – 
  9. Beer and Brewer Awards 
  10. Mighty Craft Chairman stands down – 

12 questions

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Steven Keegal – Aether re-brand – 

Adam Galle – So many crowdfundings, so few fucks to give. Question: At what point has brewery crowdfunding jumped the shark?

“Craig Maiden” – “What an interesting development. Seems low Alc isn’t doing so well. Personally I feel that breweries like Sobah are needed to provide the No Alc/low Alc option. Breweries that make beer with alcohol should stick to just that. ”

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