BatB #43 – Gage results, 3 Ravens, Future Magic, Dainton, Lion sales, 2022 struggles

The Boss and the Brewer
The Boss and the Brewer
BatB #43 - Gage results, 3 Ravens, Future Magic, Dainton, Lion sales, 2022 struggles


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  1. Lion sells UK’s Magic Rock and Fourpure – 
  2. 2022 the strangest year yet – “Beer sales are down, with some retailers telling The Crafty Pint they’re facing their harshest ever trading conditions in an economy that feels fundamentally different to any other year. ” “If it was summer, I’d be concerned, but I’m not concerned yet,” Nick says (from Warners At The Bay).
  3. Gage Roads FY22 results (see link here):
    1. $8.4m EBITDA
    2. $1m profit just from the Freo venue – $1.5m in first 6 months – potential $3m per year
    3. 19m litres, 13m for Good Drinks (up 16%)
  4. Crowdfunding update:
    1. Liquor loot (Whiskey Loot) EOI – – $10m revenue in 3 years
    2. Dainton – $30m valuation, $550k raised, $7m revenue (same as last year), $18k profit, “To date, our activities have been primarily funded by one of the Company’s founding shareholders (Kevin Wayne Dainton). The founding shareholder has loaned funds of $1,405,924 in total to the Company. ”, “These exceptional circumstances have undoubtedly had a negative impact on our FY22 result and we expect a return to much stronger revenue and EBITDA growth in the current and future financial years.” Invest $10k 20% discount. 
    3. Future Magic – $2.7m valuation, $125k raised of $200-$800k goal, 
    4. 3 Ravens – $10m valuation, $390k raised of $500k-$2m goal, negative balance sheet, $114k loss (4.6% loss), $2.5m revenue down from $3.06m revenue (2019 revenue numbers) 
  5. Lion to brew Swan Draft at Little Creatures –
  6. Sydney Brewing wins every award ever – 
  7. Coopers new branding – can fermented? 
  8. Lager-focused Perentie Brewing announce $6M brewpub (with Burleigh Brewing partnership) –

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