BatB 55 – Red Hill sale, new IBA, staff shortage, field trips and a lot more

Show Notes


  • G’day
  • Sponsored beer
  • Dan’s silence reducing efforts – no need for 1.2x 
  • Dan’s field trip

Top 4 News Items

Person to ask questionQuestion Story
DanWhat’s your favourite Red Hill Brewery memory?Red Hill Brewery for sale – 
HendoHow to you feel about this years record number of CSFs and what you you think 2023 holds?Black Flag CSF ending this week plus the others over the past month.  What are the numbers?
DanPeter Larlor beers of the year – 
HendoI continue to speak with breweries all over Australia who are having difficulties hiring production and hospitality staff.  What do you think it will take in order for this stress in the labour market to be relieved.
DanIf the review achieves one thing what would it be?New IBA board and review underway – 

Potential topics

  1. Abbie Chatfield Beer – 
  2. Coopers biggest ad campaign yet – 
  3. First non alc beer fest – 
  4. Red Hill Brewery for sale – 
  5. Peter Larlor beers of the year – 
  6. ABAC compliance data – 
  8. Wanna come to the F1 in Melbourne next year, Dan?

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