BatB 54 – Hellooo, Hendo’s Rocky Field Trip, Bonza Dogs and Polyamorous Ketamine-fuelled Crypto Startups

Episode topics

  1. TLC live tasting
  2. Hendo’s live reaction to Dan’s tiktok video 
  3. Hendo’s Beer30 crew field trip
  4. Qld beer awards and World Beer Cup open for submission – 
  5. This week’s poll result 
  6. Coopers results – 
  7. Good Drinks Results – 
  8. Bonza local lineup – 
  9. Brewdog opens Brisbane venue – 
  10. FTX collapse – is crypto shit?

12 questions

Bevan – Bevan Howell

Question for the pod : if Dans (not Dan) or another liquid retailer sell beer off at a cheap/cut price does the brewer take the hit or Dans do?
Other questions –

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