BatB 128 – Alco Juice, Mighty Craft MD steps down, Mid Year Wrap Up

The Boss and the Brewer
The Boss and the Brewer
BatB 128 - Alco Juice, Mighty Craft MD steps down, Mid Year Wrap Up


  1. Dickheads in the coffee industry.
  2. Boss Hunting – The business of beer: Australia’s once booming craft industry is now on life support “66 per cent of Lethbridge’s members, of which there are more than 450, said they feared their business would not survive the current economic downturn — craft beer sales are down 25 per cent on the previous 12 months.”, “Quite simply, we won’t have a craft beer industry in 12 months if something is not done and that’s why we’re asking the Government, ‘Do you want a beer industry, do you want to keep these jobs, many of which are in rural and regional areas?’” & “And if the current landscape wasn’t stressful enough, the independents also have the Queensland government-assisted Suntory facility opening this year, possibly presenting an additional threat. The project promises 160 long-term jobs — a number that Young Henry’s and Mountain Culture employ collectively.”
  3. The Mill to relocate to Bendigo Hotel – 
  4. Moondog collab with G Flip to make Alcoholic Juice – 
  5. La Petit Rocher’s Belgo-Brisbane Beer – 
  6. Mighty Craft Managing Director to step down, again – 
  7. Dutch trading co to close – 
  8. Mid year wrap up – 

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