BatB 127 – SA, VA’s, AB to C, CB4BC, ATO & RTDs

The Boss and the Brewer
The Boss and the Brewer
BatB 127 - SA, VA's, AB to C, CB4BC, ATO & RTDs

Hendo’s back Dan and Hendo discuss Addy’s Danger Dust, Hendo’s South Africa Trip, Voluntary Administration in the beer industry, Capital acquiring Batlow cider and the ATO’s new look at RTDs.


  1. Public service announcement About Adsy’s danger dust 
  2. Hendo’s South Africa Field Trip
  3. The Secret Brewer: Voluntary Administration 1 and Part II – 
  4. Alchemy Brewing to Close – 
  5. Capital Brewing acquires Batlow Cider – 
  6. ATO change to make Seltzer’s RTD’s  –  – full ato document here   

Hendo Reacts

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