BatB 118 – Mighty Craft Sells Mismatch, More VA’s

The Boss and the Brewer
The Boss and the Brewer
BatB 118 - Mighty Craft Sells Mismatch, More VA's


  1. Yes, your G&T is getting more expensive. Here’s why – 
  2. Mighty Craft To Sell Mismatch & 78 Degrees To Group Led By Former CUB Boss –
  3. Victoria’s Oldest Independent Brewery Grand Ridge Is In Voluntary Administration – 
  4. Federal inquiry into beverage manufacturing welcomed – 

Hendo Reacts

12 questions

Jett – As a newbie to the beer industry, I’m constantly disheartened by the seemingly never ending stream of VA’s every week, and watching what I think will be a sort of hibernation occurring within the industry in the next year. I want to continue working in the industry I have grown to love, but until something big changes, the future looks bleak. Among my mates and other young drinkers, I’ve noticed an obvious trend towards RTD style drinks (Hard Rated, -196, seltzers, etc.). So my question is, do you see a possible area in the market, where someone could produce small batch, locally made and owned RTD style drinks? Something like Hard Rated, but a range of different flavours, championing Australian botanicals and products, and made on premises at a small brewpub type setting?

I think these types of beverages are the future, especially among a younger audience, and could be an area of the market that blossoms in the coming years.

12 questions thread –