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BatB 80 – BatB meetup, GABS, ATO chasing debts and more closures

Docket Hendo Reacts 12 questions

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BatB 79 – AIBA Results, Gage strategy, Mighty Craft Review, founders buying back breweries, BatB Meetup

Docket A few events coming up:  Hendo Reacts 12 questions

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BatB 78 – AIBA, GABS, Inflation, monkey donuts and cheap pilot kits

Docket Other notes: Taki Moore –  AIBA live stream ––C7wfv3LcfL7M1VwkxHvHreCcg6RMk9XdjrYBHrXxzkT8BCugQq2vnmXZbcll0UgNEP64IEafhgGDbXYdHYIs5VsXq2w&utm_content=259404339&utm_source=hs_email&fbclid=IwAR3ROLge2Gjz84M16a2aLLy-joIwhppEiliNwrLXJMeuJala1VpG1w2rVFw  Dan’s new podcast Yarn Solo. Hendo Reacts 12 questions

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BatB 77 – Perko fills in, Black Flag Barely Legal beer, Fortitude Recall, AIBAs and GABS

Pre start questions What is the difference between a tank top, a singlet and a muscle shirt Docket 12 questions Dougal Grimley Question: Any thoughts on the 2- tab beer can concept? Probably requires a 500, or 440ml can at least…

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BatB 76 – Rightsizing breweries, MYO beer, Sensory, Beer awards and more

Pre-show Docket Hendo Reacts 12 questions

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BatB 75 – Lion shutting down venues, new ABAC code, Endeavour and Coles results, Tap contracts

Ticket 12 questions Mike Gore @ The Ultimate Event – Generated Beer ad –

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BatB 74 – Hendo’s new bike, Tank Tops vs Singlets, Jack Daniels on tour, GABS beers and more

12 questions

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BatB 73 – Dan’s SOP App Live Demo, marketing to kids, failed tree experiments

In the latest episode of Boss and the Brewer, hosts Kyle and Jason chat with Dan about his SOP app live demo, marketing to kids, and failed tree experiments. Dan walks us through his new SOP app that is designed to make processes easier and more efficient for businesses. They also discuss the ethics of marketing to kids and...

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