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32 – The big boss is back, Metricon rumour, GABS, Tribe, Better Beer, Endeavour Awards, Traineeships and lots of questions

Mentions: Sponsor – Helios Brewing Company Non Sponsor – Froth Rookies Sponsor – Lotsa Group Link to Survivable Compounds Handbook Metricon on the cusp of bankruptcy GABS Sydney and Melbourne Tribe predicts more M&A Endeavour Group Supplier Awards Better Beer AFR Article Sauce Brewer Traineeships

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31 – Perko is the boss now, GABS Brisbane, Broo, DrinkWest, World Beer Cup, Gage Roads

Topics GABS Brisbane 4 Hearts Ipswich, Helios, Black Hops, Slow Lane Brewing, Currumbin Valley Brewing Hendo dead wrong about Brew Dog Broo Mildura Brewery in Administration Drink West Competition Gage Roads set to exceed volume targets Non alc and cannabis beers Bucketys, S&W and Urban Alley win World Beer Cup medals

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30 – GABS 2022, Mighty Craft, Brewdog, Feral, Food standards and more

Video: Topics Beer review / sponsor – Shirt Thread Dan’s urgent Lexicon situation GABS Festival Beer Update Sections 2-6 with Hendo and Dan’s 5 beers to must try list Brewdog giving up millions in shares Drink West Competition Indies 10 year roadmap Neapolitan debate Feral staying with Coke Mighty Craft Results – and Brews News...

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29 – Phil and Daniel from Hiker Brewing

Guests this week Phil and Dan from Hiker Brewing. Sponsors Lotsa Group Blasta Brewing Topics: Hiker brewing (lots here, how the boys met, blog posts, values, branding, taproom, council, beer equipment and more). Indies 10 year roadmap (discussing next week) Hiker Brewing Article about improving the beer awards Drink West Competition, win a shirt Coopers...

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28 – Brick Lane, Brews News, Bam Bam Tuivasa, ABAC, GABS and more

Topics this week: Brick Lane AFR Article on AFR Is News Dead First 10 GABS beers​ Beer competitions Bam Bam’s beer Drink West ABAC changes pre-vetting service – Full report here.

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27 – Birchal crowdfunding, Broo, Scomos empty beer, concerned brewers

Birchal Crowdfunding Raises $3m via Birchal Crowdfunding’s Crowdfunding RaiseReshes Dinner Ale ReturnEmail from a concerned brewer –Why buy craft lagers – Stephen Beaumont craft lager question.Broo founder steps down Scomo’s Zero beer beer

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26 – PakTechs, Palmas and Pollution

Topics and Mentions Dan’s WA Trip Sponsor: The Lotsa Group Capital Carbon Neutral – Beer and Brewer Article Pangolin Brouhaha Plastic Packteks Eco grip Bright Tank The Wembley Hotel Scarborough Cellars Dutch Trading Co King Road Brewery Eagle Bay Brewery Wild Hop Brewing Rocky Ridge Brewing Shelter Brewing Gage Roads Little Creatures Mrs Palmas Wedgetail...

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25 – Grodziskie, Fusion, Exporting, Festivals, Is smokey Adam Neumann or Chris Cornell?

Video Planned Topics Grodziskie update Floods Clean Fusion Hopping 2 Mates Re-opens ​​ Sunny coast Precinct No excise changes Crafted is back – 2 day festival, Blobfish is back. Mentions Black Hops Oktoberfest in Munich Hacker-Pschorr Lowenbrau Spaten Augustiner One Drop Clean Fusion Hopping Gage Roads Blasta Brewing Rocky Ridge Brewing Probably more gave up...

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